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Hi, I'm Ael

Published poet, artist, and advocate for the Good Death. 

Sacred space builder. Dowser. Creatrix. Weaver by design. 

Student of the universe. 

Ael Hawthorne (she/they),


Ael Hawthorne is a witch of high strangeness. They live in Vermont, with their plants and friendly animal companions. An eclectic natural witch, Ael uses principles of the Reclaiming tradition to guide their light. They are a Weaver and a hedgwalker, and explore the space of the liminal, the between.


A self described Time Auditor, Ael uses the pronoun "they" in honor of the many lives they have led, and the cocurrent timelines that exist across the universe. It is a trick of the light to be one thing and be seen as another- we are all layers of the past, the present, and the future: to be only one limits perception. 


With over ten years experience with the tarot, Ael’s focus in cartomancy and divination is firmly grounded in traditional cartomancy technologies. In addition to reading the tarot, Ael also utilizes consensual energy dowsing to draw information from the querent, informing the reading on a personal, energetic level. Divinatory cartomancy does not necessarily predict the future, but reveals possibilities and blockages the querent may need revealed. 


Please note: I am an intuitive herbalist studying herbs and preparations. In my formal waking life, I work in food quality and safety, and bear these principles in mind as I make preparations. Any product meant for skin contact or consumption is tested prior to release, and is made in small batches. I am not a trained herbalist, nor am I a stock apothecary. I am happy to recommend sustainable options if you seek a specific herb or preparation. More information on herbal products can be found on the “pricing transparency” page. 


A lifelong experience with plants and animals native to Vermont has informed Ael’s dedication to environmental and agricultural sustainability. For more on Ael’s stance of diversity and intersectionality, and for personal and magickal ethics, please visit the “ethics” page. 

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