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My ethics are observed in the work I do and my personal practice

A personal note, from Ael Hawthorne

Almond Blossom

Some essential ethics as they apply to the Hawthorne Hedge


My upbringing in rural Vermont is tightly woven into my ethical practices as a witch and as a person working against systems of oppression within my local and global states. My lack of experience with other races, cultures, ethnicities, and points of view has deeply influenced understanding of the world around me, and I am working continuously to learn more, to better myself as a part of the social ecosystems, and to offer support to oppressed persons. 


The natural world is a place of high importance and spirituality for me, and I do my best to support local, sustainable, and renewable goods and services wherever possible. 


The following are my truths: 


I will never create, sell, or support products or crafts that allow colonizing persons to profit from indigenous persons, culture, or traditions. 


I will only take classes in native or indigenous traditions from primary sources. (Or, in the case where no primary source is available, a secondary source bearing the blessing of approval)


It is never my job to defend actions defined by privilege I may have. It is always my job to listen when I am being approached for problematic statements or work. 


Gender is a spectrum, and as such, my work reflects a non-binary system of belief. 


I will only offer products for sale that align with my spiritual and cultural background. 


Any product containing plants or plant medicine is created to broaden my relationship with the plant. These products will be offered to the public AT COST, and should be considered time equity for the gifts I have received from the plant. 


Any found items present in my work have given their consent to be used in craft.


I do not work with deities, unless one asks to be worked with. 


I do not work with “spirit animals” or angels. 


I am not a therapist, a doctor, or a lawyer. Any advice I may provide does not substitute for professionals in these areas.  My divination services are not intended for prediction of future events, but as an introspective opportunity. 


*For reparations purposes, please refer to pricing information. 

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