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Two Dried Leaves

Pricing Transparency

A bit about pricing, from Ael Hawthorne

My pricing reflects three things: cost of material, time, and personal ethics. I do my best to create quality products, while ensuring that my offerings are as accessible as possible. 


For all metaphysical, healing, or divination work, I offer a sliding scale or barter payment methods. In addition to my sliding scale, I offer a special price for People of Color, Indigenous, and Trans/GNC folx. I would be honored to support your spiritual journey in healing. 


All physical items under the “ritual” category (mala beads, pendulums, wands, crowns) are priced using the following formula: (Material Cost + Time cost)x2.5. This is due to the additional energy work involved in the creation of these items. This allows me to recoup my costs, and to invest in additional materials for goods. Many of my materials are found, and I make a concerted effort to purchase other materials from local businesses or ethical shops. This applies specifically to leather, stones, and bones- all of which may be second hand. 


If I am building a custom tool for ritual, I will discuss my methods at length with you to ensure a fair price. 


All physical items under the “Claptrap” category (bottles, crowns, paintings, misc) are priced using the following formula: (Material cost + time cost)x2. The items in this category are NOT cleansed or energetically worked. Profit from this collection is invested into my spiritual education, mental health care, or to purchase materials for my own craft. 


I do not, at this time, offer plant medicine for purchase. With an enormous community of certified herbalists, I find it in my highest and best good to leave this to those who work with their materia medica daily.


*for legal purposes, all services offered (including but not limited to: divination, healing, metaphysical experiences, ritual items, custom packages or totems) are meant for entertainment purposes only, and should never substitute for the advice of a professional (including medical and legal professions) 

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